Medical Device Manufacturer

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Medical Device Manufacturer

1Objective of the Customer

Planning and implementation of projects for the development for a new release of a medical product (hardware, software, consumables).


Workshops, team formation and team development, work breakdown structure, process planning, project schedule, risk management, project controlling, telcos, meetings and workshops e.g. with international project teams and service providers in Asia, PM consulting for the project manager and sub-project manager, reporting, project documentation.


Close tracking of project progress, development and implementation of measures for adaptation, preparation of decisions, delivery of results.

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Procurement unit of a public administration

Further improve project management approaches for more efficiency in procurement projects to increase the satisfaction of sponsors and other stakeholders.

Automotive Supplier

Planning and implementation of an expansion project for the production of new products (production halls, infrastructure, machinery and equipment for the plant)

European Service Provider

Maintaining / achieving efficient project management by external IT service providers (reference is an internal guide for project management, agile and classical approaches)

Medical Device Manufacturer

Planning and implementation of projects for the development of a new release of a medical product (hardware, software, consumables)

Software Company

Make customers happy, strengthen competitive position, achieve better EBIT for the product and project business

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